Customer Loyalty Software

Finding a high quality, cost efficient and easy to use customer loyalty software option can be essential for loyalty marketing success.  LoyaltyLevers has developed partnerships with the best customer loyalty software providers over the course of many years.  There are important distinctions in the capabilities  of these customer loyalty program software solutions, and a few key differentiators for each.  This Partner Directory presents a summary for each Partner in alphabetical order, providing information on the features, implementation considerations and key client references.  LoyaltyLevers can seamlessly orchestrate the customer loyalty software selection process to ensure the best fit and most  advantageous contract terms.


Annex Cloud offers a flexible, robust system with features to support a wide range of programs, from global loyalty programs in many languages/currencies to complex B2B loyalty programs (about 25% of their business is B2B).  See Detailed Profile




Antavo’s Enterprise Loyalty Cloud delivers  experience-based, paid, gamified and lifestyle loyalty programs online, in-store, or on mobileTheir no-code platform is easy to use, yet scalable with a strong attention to data security. See Detailed Profile


CapillaryCapillary Intelligent Loyalty offers a comprehensive platform with innovative features like Nudge to connect and activate omnichannel programs.  It is built on a full featured CDP with capabilities that extend beyond loyalty.  See Detailed Profile


Comarch Loyalty Marketing Cloud offers selected features of their full service loyalty platform in a flexible, modular manner that includes powerful marketing automation, promotion and advanced AI/ML capabilities. See Detailed Profile



Currency Alliance's global loyalty marketplace provides an open interchange for brands to create and manage partnerships around issuing, redeeming, or exchanging loyalty points/miles.  Their enterprise grade points bank provides can be used in combination with their API's to power any loyalty program.  See Detailed Profile

Annex Cloud

Customer Loyalty Software Overview

Annex Cloud offers a flexible, robust system with features to support a wide range of programs, from global loyalty programs in many languages/currencies to complex B2B loyalty programs (about 25% of their business is B2B).  They can provide full system integration services, and work closely with many 3’rd party system integrators for their clients as well.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Attributes: Ability to collect an unlimited number of member attributes, and the ability to action on any one or any combination of those attributes.
  • Progressive Profiling Engine: Full interactive survey capability designed to collect additional zero party data from members.
  • Refer-a-Friend Module: Offers flexibility to more than handle numerous referrals, exclude certain customers or segments and deploy extensive fraud measures to ensure no one is gaming the program.
  • Gamification: Full gamification product that allows easy implementation of action series – e.g. do these 3 different things during this time period and receive X (points, badge, discounts, etc.)
  • Incentive Engine: Enables omni-channel promos, gift cards, codes; individual or mass codes.
  • Templating: Allows for easy replication and customization across regions, brands, languages and currencies.
  • Integrations & APIs: Annex Cloud has over 125 pre-built connectors across all technologies plus a full API library. Custom integration can be supported as needed.



This is an important feature for complex programs or large multi brand global organizations.  One global client uses it to deploy their program in 145 languages;  Another large retailer has 12 banners in over 20 countries. 

Progressive Profiling

Offers unlimited attributes and is useful as marketers strive to capture more zero party data.  One client has built out 20+ surveys that are offered based the customers attributes via segmentation.  90%+ of their member base has participated.  Their program is robust with over 85% of all of their transactions being loyalty transactions.

Implementation Timeframe & Support

Implementation can take as little as 8 weeks, with a typical timeframe of 13-16 weeks.  Annex Cloud can do the implementation work of a Systems Integrator if desired by the client, or partner with the client’s existing resource. 

Featured Clients

  • Harley-Davidson  (Harley Owners Group) 
  • Harrods
  • VF Corp ( includes The North Face and Vans among others)
  • Henry Schein (B2B)


Customer Loyalty Software Overview

Antavo’s Enterprise Loyalty Cloud delivers  experience-based, paid, gamified and lifestyle loyalty programs online, in-store, or on mobile.  Their no-code platform is easy to use yet scalable with a strong attention to data security.  Antavo places a special emphasis on emotional and lifestyle loyalty capabilities.

Key Features

  • No-Code, API-Centric Platform: This approach makes the loyalty program experience fully customizable and empowers loyalty and marketing teams to run their program internally, without IT help.
  • Emotional and Lifestyle Loyalty Capabilities:  These features power benefits that encourage valuable behaviors and establish lasting loyalty sentiment by rewarding customers for living in accordance with their ideals, values, and aspirations.
  • In-Store and Mobile Technologies:  Innovative features that bridge the gap between these offline channels and core ecommerce/online components.
  • Program Templates: Users can choose from 10 loyalty program types to suit a variety of objectives, including gamification and experience-based concepts that engage them outside of the buying cycle.
  • Data Security:  Data protection based on ISO standards and a cloud-based technology that enables full scalability.


No-code Approach:

This comes in very handy when a company wants program features that are sophisticated and flexible but doesn’t have dedicated developers.  The no-code platform  is designed to allow non-programmers to create and manage necessary business processes and program components including rewards, campaigns, and reports.   

Emotional and lifestyle loyalty capabilities:  

With the help of these capabilities’ companies can connect to their target audiences’ ideals, values and aspirations. The design encourages brands to move beyond rewarding transactions and offer customers experiential rewards that  acknowledge their non-purchase interactions such as recycling or working out. 

Implementation Timeframe & Support

10-12 Weeks for a typical implementation.  Implementation Support includes visualizing member journeys, creating logic flows, journeys and  user stories with acceptance criterias plus guidance in architecture design, data mapping and data migration.

 Featured Clients

  • KFC

  • BMW

  • Kathmandu

  • La Cage

  • Olukai


Customer Loyalty Software Overview

Capillary offers a comprehensive platform with innovative features like Nudge to connect and activate omnichannel programs leveraging the power of Machine Learning..  It is built on a full featured CDP and with many additional capabilities that extend beyond loyalty.  

Key Features

  • Fully configurable self service platform: Handles any type of Loyalty or CRM program within the standard SaaS offering.  Choose from currencies, tiers, events, milestones, badges, engagements, experiences or any hybrid loyalty program -- no custom programming required.
  • Comprehensive modular platform: Built on a true Customer Data Platform (CDP) with modules include Insights + Marketing  automation +  Engagement + Loyalty + AI/ML — all in one, yet modular.
  • AI / ML Deep Insights, Predictive & Prescriptive. The platform continuously learns and predicts member behavior in advance.
  • ML based Nudge:  Prescriptive analytics and program evolution - the platform will nudge you to success with ML based data science and strategy.
  • Powerful CDP:  Capillary’s CDP combines a single view of the customer, performs all data hygiene and is a true 360 view.
  • Omnichannel Engagement + Experience + Emotional loyalty:   Earn in the store, check in on the website, redeem in the app, receive an offer on Facebook, message through WhatsApp, etc, etc. The platform offers a true omnichannel loyalty experience.



Capillary’s Nudge helps marketers improve customer engagement and deliver enticing experiences throughout the customer journey with AI powered insight from aggregated industry data across 400+ clients.

Self-service and fully configurable

The platform provides the self-service flexibility to recognize and adapt to the ever-changing needs of your business and customers. The platform is also fully configurable, scalable and modular that grows with your requirements and is pre-integrated with hundreds of popular tools and platforms.

Implementation Timeframe & Support

Technology implementations can last 1-6 months depending on the number of integrations and data conversion. Typically, implementation is 2 months.

Support includes data migration, cleansing, configuration, testing, integrations and full training across technology, strategy, operations and marketing.

 Featured Clients

  • Tata
  • Dell
  • Abbott
  • Nascar
  • Purina
  • Sunoco


Customer Loyalty Software Overview

Comarch Loyalty Cloud delivers via SaaS  many of the full service Comarch offerings used by clients like Jet Blue.  A flexible, modular offering that offers powerful marketing automation, promotion and advanced AI/ML capabilities.

Key Features

  • Industry agnostic: Adapts to any  business model – B2B, B2C & B2E. It also supports any type of incentive, points, tiered, or coalition program.

  • Proprietary technology: Based on the full service Comarch platform, the Loyalty Cloud delivers every component end to end. 

  • Scalability: Seamless business configuration in relation to the aspects of loyalty programs, as well as facilitated integration with external systems thanks to the enterprise grade Open Rest API and file interfaces.

  • Mobile App & Web Portal: White label web portal and mobile app for program members to engage with the loyalty program.

  • Marketing Automation & Data Analytics: marketers can leverage Marketing Automation module to run campaigns, set up customer journeys, A/B testing, and contact strategies, as well as the Data Analytics module, which provides access to a wide number of dashboards and reports.


Industry agnostic: 

Out-of-the-box, the platform deploys loyalty features applicable to any brand or vertical such as the promotions hub, coupons creator, gamification techniques, the mobile app and web portal, and the marketing automation capabilities. This broad applicability is evidenced by a client base that ranges from B2B to B2E and all types of B2C from fuel retail to quick serve restaurants. 

Proprietary technology: 

Comarch provides 100% end to end delivery using their own proprietary technology, for example their Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities.  The Loyalty Marketing Cloud has already incorporated some key features powered by AI/ML such as the prediction of Customer Lifetime Value, advance marketing offers thanks to Send Time Optimization, customer segmentation, and fraud detection.

Implementation Timeframe & Support

Implementation timeframes can take 8 to 12 weeks.  Comarch offers the possibility to take care of all the activation process with and end-to-end technical support.

 Featured Clients

  • Exxon Mobil 
  • KFC France
  • Costa Coffee
  • Allstate Health
  • Puma Energy
  • DRiV (B2B)

Currency Alliance

Customer Loyalty Software Overview

Currency Alliance offers a unique solution providing an open marketplace for brands to create and manage partnerships around issuing, redeeming, or exchanging loyalty points/miles.  Their enterprise grade loyalty points bank can also be used along with their API’s to power any loyalty program.  They serve an impressive list of blue chip clients. 

Key Features

  • Global B2B Loyalty Marketplace:  A new way to collaborate with loyalty partners and streamline all your loyalty operations.  Discover new partners, and easily issue, redeem, or exchange your own points/miles, or the loyalty currencies of partners.

  • API First Technology: 35 highly optimized endpoints in a well-documented API for any customer-facing platforms to easily integrate and avoid complicated backend processing.

  • Enterprise Grade Loyalty Engine: Points bank and rules engine integrates easily into any technical architecture to collaborate with any CRM and Campaign Management systems already deployed by clients.

  • Management Portal: Enables intuitive functionality for business professionals to manage all features and configurations without the need for IT or vendor involvement. 


Currency Alliance is a unique platform with some important differences from the traditional SaaS loyalty offerings.  

Partner Marketplace:  

Especially for smaller programs looking to tap into well known currencies, or for large players looking to increase their distribution, this platform is a no-brainer.  Sign-up is easy, and choices are excellent for a partner centric loyalty program.

Stand Alone Loyalty Engine: 

For brands with a sophisticated CRM and omnichannel ecosystem, plugging in to the enterprise grade point bank can be an excellent option.  Access to other functionalities via API can help complete the picture, while maximizing the value of your existing platforms and integrations.

Implementation Timeframe & Support

2 – 4 Weeks for a typical implementation.  Full API documentation and on-demand support for clients as they implement on this self-service platform

 Featured Clients

  • Bank of America
  • Under Armour
  • Nestlé
  • Live Nation
  • Air France/KLM
  • Hyatt