Loyalty is not only a behavior, but a sentiment or emotion. To truly build loyalty, programs must build the loyalty sentiment. Loyalty programs are best positioned to deliver and manage specific/personalized strategies that can efficiently boost this sentiment. Based on insights into your consumer, the most powerful programs tap into the arsenal of Sentiment Builders.  Creatively using these strategies, and measuring the impact on the loyalty sentiment will build the strongest customer bond and become a competitive differentiator.

Developing the right strategy is a mix of art and science that can involve interactive stakeholder workshops, qualitative and/or quantitative research and in-market testing.  Operational viability and change management are also important considerations, because many of these Sentiment Builders will be delivered in the field.  LoyaltyLevers provides a systematic approach to creating and delivering successful benefits and experiences.

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Status tiers, and the special services they offer, are a power loyalty sentiment builder. The satisfaction of getting an improved airline seat, your name in lights at the car rental agency and an upgraded hotel room is undeniable. This is your place! Members will go out of their way, and in fact to extraordinary lengths, to enjoy that status.  One program stands out for me in this area – National Car Rentals’ Emerald Club. In this category, reducing wait time to zero is table stakes – all of the programs offer that key Convenience factor. But Emerald taps into other key motivators --- Choice and Control.

Convenience, Choice and Control

While Emerald Aisle is not new, the powerful psychology behind this program design is subtle -- and instructive towards best practices.  Emerald Aisle features 3 or 4 different vehicle types, often including trucks – all for the mid-size price. The moment spent picking your car is enjoyable, and empowering.    While members only pay the mid-tier price, the vehicles are typically from a higher category.  Once selected, right down to the color, it provides an important psychological entitlement factor, you are bought into this car.   

Loyalty program examples - Sentiment Builders

The Executive area offers a more upgraded vehicle selection.  National's friendly team members are generous with upgrades to the Executive, whether to meet a specific need or just because.  By giving members a sample of the experience, which comes at no extra cost, it provides an additional motivator to consolidate rentals with National.   So this single program taps into Convenience, Choice, Control and Status. It’s no wonder they are perennial winner’s in the Travel & Leisure car rental awards.

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