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Starbucks and Delta launch new loyalty program partnership

Starbucks and Delta recently announced a significant new loyalty program partnership that offers members of both programs easy and innovative ways to earn more Stars and SkyMiles.  It also includes some unique aspects delivering special treatment along with a sense of exclusivity.  This move is a strategic one for Starbucks in particular, and sets the stage for more of these types of Loyalty Partnerships.  This article digs into the five key features of this innovative loyalty partnership that can serve as inspiration for any loyalty program design.

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Loyalty Program Partnerships: United MileagePlus

Loyalty program partnerships can dramatically increase the relevance and appeal of loyalty programs for any participant brand, particularly those with infrequent purchases or smaller customer bases. For the anchor/sponsor brand, it can help expand your reach into new segments or markets. In either case, tapping into the right kind of loyalty partnerships is beneficial for two reasons: you attract more high potential customers to your brand, while also expanding relationships with your existing customers. With the advent of technology solutions and open API’s, connecting with loyalty partners is easier and more cost efficient than ever. In terms of best practices, United Airline’s MileagePlus program provides a comprehensive example of loyalty partnership design.

Picture of Phil Hussey Phil Hussey