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Effective Tips of Customer Loyalty Programs for Small Businesses

Is a Small Business Loyalty Program Worth it?

Small business owners are extremely busy, so adding a loyalty program to the list might seem like just more work. Or maybe you’ve tried a loyalty program, and it felt like you were only giving away rewards to customers who would’ve bought anyway. However, with a little set-up, you’ll find that your loyalty program will become the marketing engine for your business. And as highlighted in Software Options for Small Business Customer Loyalty Programs, POS systems that you may already have like Square, Clover and Toast have made it exceptionally easy.

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Best Practices for a Successful Loyalty Consulting Engagement

Engaging with a loyalty consultant can provide a specific expertise, objective viewpoint or fresh thinking that benefits even for the most sophisticated loyalty firms and program operators. However, it can also be a challenge for program executives to manage the process and most importantly, get an actionable result from a loyalty consulting group. Well managed consulting engagements are based on loyalty insights and will deliver a viable program design that is well substantiated and will differentiate the brand.

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What are the design characteristics of an effective loyalty program?

Often, the executive order comes down to launch a loyalty program, or perhaps overhaul the current one. It is a challenging assignment, because if you ask 10 people what makes an effective loyalty program, you’ll get as many different answers. For example, the CEO might be a frequent flyer and believe that it’s all about earning miles, while the CFO may be more in favor of a recognition program that doesn’t carry points liabilities. Meanwhile executives in operations could be more interested in a program that improves the customer experience and reduces strain on front line staff. So, what’s the right answer?!

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