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What are the design characteristics of an effective loyalty program?

Often, the executive order comes down to launch a loyalty program, or perhaps overhaul the current one. It is a challenging assignment, because if you ask 10 people what makes an effective loyalty program, you’ll get as many different answers. For example, the CEO might be a frequent flyer and believe that it’s all about earning miles, while the CFO may be more in favor of a recognition program that doesn’t carry points liabilities. Meanwhile executives in operations could be more interested in a program that improves the customer experience and reduces strain on front line staff. So, what’s the right answer?!

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LoyaltyLevers Balanced Scorecard: Measuring Engagement

As noted in Loyalty Measurement: C-Suite Needs a Balanced Scorecard, executives need a balanced presentation of results to gauge program performance.  Engagement, one of the three elements of the LoyaltyLevers Balanced Scorecard, is a leading indicator of Loyalty Program success. The five measures of loyalty program Engagement are detailed in this article.

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