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Thanks to the expert contributions from LoyaltyLevers’ tech partner network, we’ve curated the most actionable insights and impactful tips on how to boost loyalty program performance and ROI.  Key themes include increased use of zero-party data, subscription-based loyalty programs, B2B loyalty, personalized loyalty programs, gamification loyalty programs and loyalty program partnerships (coalitions).

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Subscription Based Loyalty Programs: Wine Clubs

Subscription Based Loyalty Programs are becoming increasingly prevalent and an interwoven piece of the subscription product value proposition. An informative example of Subscription Loyalty Programs can be found in the wine industry, where there are many new entrants building on the traditional wine of the month club concept. This article profiles two of the most successful programs, Naked Wines and Firstleaf, in order to identify Subscription Loyalty best practices that any business owner can apply.

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Loyalty Program Examples: Ikon and Epic pass draw new lines in Subscription Loyalty arena

Subscription is a new frontier in loyalty programs that’s been carved out so famously by Amazon Prime.   However, over the last few years an exciting battle has emerged in the alpine ski industry between Vail Associate’s Epic Pass and Alterra Mountain’s Ikon Pass. While the lines between product and loyalty program get blurry in this space, it’s clear to me that the aim of these programs is loyalty: retention, cross-sell and maximizing share of wallet – just like it is for Amazon. So, while not a rewards program per se, subscription is certainly an avenue to be explored by marketers with these objectives. This article looks at these two competitors through the LoyaltyLevers lens and provides insights that can be applied to any category.

Just as Amazon Prime has changed the face of ecommerce, the Epic and Ikon passes have changed the complexion of the ski industry, pitting elite pairings of the most famous resorts against each-other in this high-stake battle.

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