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Software Options for Small Business Customer Loyalty Programs

POS Systems like Square, Clover and Toast have revolutionized Customer Loyalty Programs for Small Businesses. Each comes with powerful modules that can be enabled to identify customers and track their purchases, historically a capability limited to larger businesses with sizeable budgets. Combined, these platforms serve nearly 2.5 million small businesses, though a relatively small number are taking full advantage of the loyalty opportunity. This article will provide a review of the loyalty capabilities within each platform and help identify next steps for developing your loyalty program

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Using Surprise & Delight to Build True Loyalty Sentiment

Surprise and Delight is a well-established component to great brand experiences and loyalty programs, harnessing the Decision Affect theory that unexpected outcomes have a greater impact than expected outcomes. Though best suited to service oriented businesses, others have found ways to side-step the challenges of scaling this approach, succeeding brilliantly in deepening emotional connections with their customers.

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