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7 Types of Loyalty Programs

Points Rewards programs are certainly a popular form of loyalty program, but it's important to remember that there are numerous loyalty program designs that don’t include points at all. In fact, there are 7 distinct types of loyalty programs to consider when revamping a loyalty program or starting a brand new one. A sound loyalty program design process will start with your objectives and the unique opportunities that exist for your brand, and only then move to program concepts that are best aligned. Although you’ll want to mix and match to achieve a balanced program design, these 7 different loyalty program types provide a good starting point for brainstorming and ideation.

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LoyaltyLevers Balanced Scorecard: Measuring Engagement

As noted in Loyalty Measurement: C-Suite Needs a Balanced Scorecard, executives need a balanced presentation of results to gauge program performance.  Engagement, one of the three elements of the LoyaltyLevers Balanced Scorecard, is a leading indicator of Loyalty Program success. The five measures of loyalty program Engagement are detailed in this article.

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